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Our program includes the following:

Local Delivery at time of purchase

On-site Training for operation of machine

  First-Time Oil Change*
       (recommended at 8-12hrs)

  48 Hour Turn-around GUARANTEE

  Warranty Registration Register your machine to ensure you get the full manufacturer’s warranty

For warrantable breakdowns during warranty period*
For service during off season* (Nov. 1 thru March 1)

*Under rare circumstances uncontrollable interruptions may lengthen turnaround time. In these rare cases we will offer you a similar or equal unit to honor our guarantee.

These are the benefits of purchasing equipment from us instead of the competition:

We have a full service shop and repair every machine we sell.

We don’t outsource or send customers to another repair facility like the big box stores do.

Our company makes owning a lawn mower easy, let us perform all of the maintenance and repairs for you!


“Our Promise”

Mowing is a seasonal business and a time when you can’t afford to be down. Our Expert Master Service Technicians are certified at the highest standard in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry. They work day and night to get you back to work when you need us most especially in the middle of summer. That’s our promise to you when you buy a piece of equipment from us.

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Advantage Program is for Residential Customers Only