Roller Single Drum All Terrain Diesel (32 gal Diesel Fuel)

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Rental Rates:
4 Hour – $269.99
Day – $419.99
2 Day – $629.99
Week – $2099.99
Month – $5064.99

The RC50 single drum soil compactor offers optimum compaction results with excellent maneuverability, gradeability and stability. The compact design provides for an excellent view of the work area and drum from the operator’s seat. The spacious operator platform is isolated from vibration for comfortable operation. It also features plenty of legroom and simple operation via an intuitively designed display and joystick. The RC soil compactors are ideal for commercial and residential projects, secondary roads and parking lots.

RC 50 Specs

  • Operating weight max. 12,588lbs
  • Drum type smooth/undivided
  • L x W x H 159.1 x 59.1 x 112.9 in
  • Drum width 53.9 in
  • Drum diameter 39 in
  • Operating width 53.9 in
  • Centrifugal force 15,512 lbf
  • Operating performance 73.2hp Kubota Diesel
  • Tank capacity 32 gal
Stock Number:RC50-R
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